Changing view model by int or existing files

So, I’m trying to change the way the view model is seen by players by looking for a file or an Int, so that if players haven’t downloaded custom models, instead of seeing some stupid errors, they see different models.
This is what I’ve tried, thanks to zoey for the “…addons/” thing
[lua]function SWEP:Initialize()
if !file.Exists("…addons/mahaddon/info.txt") then
self.ViewModel = self.normalmodel
self.ViewModel = self.custommodel
Seems alright, the problem is it loads everything right when the server starts, and, it loads the Server’s addons folder.
Now, I tried moving everything to “Deploy”, adding a Derma Menu at first spawn that asks the player if he has the addon or not instead of looking for the addon’s info.txt.
It seemed to work, but:
[li]Weapons are shown with the model of the normal HL2 pistol;
[/li][li]It shows the pistol for less than one second when I shoot.

I hope someone will be able to help me.

What did you define normalmodel as?

SWEP.custommodel = “modelpath”
SWEP.normalmodel = “modelpath”[/lua]

Are you sure SWEP.normalmodel isn’t the pistol model?

The problem is not the normal model but that it doesn’t load my “custommodel” or “normalmodel” if in Deploy, but it loads the swep base model instead, and so I need to change my weapon two times to see the model which is REALLY annoying.