Changing your weapons cause the game to freeze for a second.

So I have this issue and I don’t know if anybody also have this issue too, my game always freezes for a second when I change my weapon.This happens to every weapons.
For you information, I still have my Gmod folder in Steamapps and not in Common yet.

What do you mean by changing weapons?

If you click on a weapon in the menu, then it freezes, and then it gives it to you, then this is normal.

Whenever I try spawning a weapon, it freezes for me and then gives me the weapon.

I mean when I change to the next weapon or the previous weapon, the game will freeze for a second before the game goes back to normal and give me the weapon. For example, I have Physgun and I change to Toolgun, the game will freeze for a second before I have Toolgun equipped.