Chaning sweps on the fly

Say I wanted to change the firerate of one of my sweps pistol_weapon. Can I modify that from the server without touching its lua file?

I don’t think you can, you have to edit the lua file.

thx for the fast reply!

Explansion Pack Question: In that case, can I make a swep which calls variables inside my server code. Say if a players attack rate is storred in a table, can it refer to that?

If you want to select values from a table, use **[Table.concat](**

table.Concat concatenates all of the values of a table from the start index to the end index together separated by the separator. It has nothing to do with selecting values from a table.

You can select individual sets of data from it though, according to the wiki

What do you mean? It simply concatenates values.

Ah sorry, i’m stupid :frowning:


Could you use **[String.find](** ?

player:GetActiveWeapon().SWEPvar = var