Channel Remembrance Part 1

This was so post to be 15 minutes long, but I never really worked on it.
Kind of feel really disappointed in how it came out.
But I did put some work into some effects, so I felt it was worth uploading.

How can you be disappointed with this. I thought it was a really well done machinima. Everything was great, the animations, the music, and editing. I want to know more about this mysterious man.

I started this last April.
A lot of the effects failed I noticed IE artifacting (out of my control)
The static in the sound files (only happened on the first 20 voice acted files)
pacing was off.
Just meh I planned this to be one of my last machinmia’s so i expected better/longer
I just lost my drive to make it

I’m probably over thinking it.

How did you plan this out may I ask. Did you draw it on paper first a storyboard if you will.

no I had a idea in my head, I wrought up a script which also sort of acts as a semi story board for the voice actors (which I was going to have 8 different voice actors of I made the full thing)then started working on it…

Wow. So the recording was done just on spot…

So this is you’re last machinima how sad. I enjoyed it, something new and different.

everything’s improved in a way.
Have a general idea, open up gmod, shoot.

Was alright, I was kind of interested in it.

Wow. My videos suck. I wish I had help like this because if I had someone like you too help me with my vids -_-.

Voice acting sounded a little nasally, like too much treble but other than that i really liked the cinematography… the shotgun scene was very well-done.

Dasboshitt recorded in two batchs, lines 1-25 and 25-60.
in 1-25, hes really nasally/low quality, in line 25-60 theres no issue.
The unfortunate part, is part 1 only use’s line 1-25.
so if i continue the quality of the lines will be higher.

No they’re all shit fuck off.

I love you.

Very well done,


i didn’t think it was bad. You should continue the series

That was cool, i loved how you used FacePoser and voice-acting was a top-notch too, good work!

This gets my official seal of approval!

Seriously, man, you should think about making the rest of this. I was expecting something of the level of all of your other productions, but you blew your standards off — this was ENGAGING!