Channel Remembrance Teaser/Info


Q: What is this shit!?

A: its a teaser for a 15-20 minute short ill be doing over the summer

Q: Oh great scoutkings making another movie were a guy sees shovels as his wife and offs him self

A: WRONGG!!!, no one offs them selves, its not some boring dark movie, it will contain murders, car jacking, cop chases, prison escapes, and more.

Q: sounds like some shoot em up movie

A: WRONG again silly man, 1/3 of it will contain all of the action I listed, some of it will be, get this, story development, and all the action will too.

Q: oh great, its something for scoutking to thrust his filter dick on and cum over

A: WRONGG again, Filters are going to be used very rarely, there are two settings for the movie, Room and Memory, Memory will have no filters applied, for memories are generally less darker then the room.

Q: so whens this shit gonna be out

A: fall or early winter

Looks and sound nice.

I thought that was my role :v:


Also, the music that’s in this teaser was composed by me :eng101:

Ill be using a few others of your songs.

It looks good, voice acting is very good, if not a tad monotone.

However the title card was just awful, switch the font up to something a bit more creative or stylish-looking.


Thats the next thing im going to work on, just for the teaser, I didn’t want to give away too much, so i decided to just go with the title and a black backdrop.

looking good so far scout. but yeah. the title.

The voice acting was pretty bad. There could have been a lot more done with it.

Other than that, it looked alright, nothing really revealing about the plot, so there’s not much to be said.


I do quite like the transition into the blackness.

ive worked with alot of voice actor, and CaLeB is far the best.

I’ve heard much, much worse… keep in mind that this is done by an amateur for no money, so it’s pretty good

Totally disagree. the voice acting was good.

Yeah honestly, the voice acting was great for a lengthy g-mod machinima… usually (in the case of my first 10-min movie) it’s a low-quality pitch edited voice, but this one was very good, and the faceposing was done well

Faceposing isnt going to be a major thing for this.

Looks like it’s going to be pretty good.

Just because you’ve heard worse doesn’t make this the best. All you guys seem to be going on is that it’s good compared to others, which doesn’t mean much as far as total quality goes.

The voice was boring, it didn’t feel attached to the character, and one of the lines was pretty badly slurred. Besides, this is my opinion, I’m not trying to overrule yours, just stating my thoughts.

you cant read can you, he said hes seen worse, and its good for a amateur that dosn’t get paid

Your demand of quality for machinma and non paid amateur, actors is really high…

wait wait wait, you got bored with a 30 second teaser (not counting the last 30), how… how is that possible…

Never stated that either

The default vegas font at the end ruined it, but good work.

Sure, he’s good for an amateur, but he’s not really good. And I expect if you want someone to watch it, they’d want a decent machinima. I’ve only commented on the voice, really, so you don’t know my “demand of quality for machinima”. But if it entertains, it entertains, if not, oh well.

And I got bored of a 30 second teaser because it was boring.