Chaos Gaming New Server - Everyone Welcome!

Hi Everyone!,

Come join Chaos Gaming’s new Rust Server - [CG] US Central | Chicago Sleeper PVP
To connect inconsole type net.connect or even steam://connect/

Everyone is welcome! We are a PVP Sleeper server. It’s brand spanking new so get in there and situate yourself while you can! You can also visit our website at . Looking forward to seeing you all. Racial abuse is not tolerated on this server. You will be banned if caught. Admins will diligently be monitoring the servers. When admins are around we will be calling in multiple airdrops from time to time as well as trying to facilitate some Ingame fun events. There are not much people situated in the server yet mainly about 8 regulars so there’s still plenty of room to build on. We will not wipe unless forced to by a patch.

Active Admins - Gwah, boolaga and Dazey

Thanks Everyone,


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread not two" - postal))