Chaos in Seoul, Republic of Korea


Looks great, apart from the blood in the shield, doesn’t look right.

Probably North Korea’s new weapon.

i like it, like said before, the blood looks weird. by the way is the background a picture?

Yeap, a complete view of the Seoul.

the guy with the shield looks very strange and the blood looks pretty bad but the others look good

i don’t think koreans would have a shield that says POLICE in english on it

They do.

Reminds me of the mention of the Korean version of the Battle of the Yonkers in World War Z.

where the crap did these models come from?

Private model.

They guy with the sheild looks like he has no seoul.

Good pic.

Nice pose but, of course, the shield.

I like it, apart from the shield.

Reskin from AA3?

I like this one, but the blood on the shield is bad

the google-ripped picture in the backround looks kind of off perspective wise