Chaos in The Streets

My first real try with some blood, even though it’s really small. I thought the pic was quite nice looking though, so hey, why not share it.

Constructive Criticism please.

Edit: Stupid me put the wrong pic on, boxes please. Lemme try that again.

Edit #2: Ok, there we go, that’s the right picture.

Can’t see any pic :confused:


Well, I like it. The lens flare looks pretty weird, though.


Looks like soap-bubbles.

Such chaos!

Soap chaos ?

Pretty akward looking posing.
And the blood splatter doesn’t look right.
Mostly because he’s falling backwards but the splatter is in front of his head which would mean that the shot came from behind.

Dat Lens Flare

I can’t stop laughing at the combine in the middle of the street. The posing is so funny with him, it’s like he’s trying to shot the rebels while doing the spy-crab. Anyways, yeah blood, lens flare, you’ve all heard this same story plenty of times before.

Keep trying, and less spy-crab formation, lol.