Chaos Island - PVP - Extra Loot - Kill/Death Ranking - Active Admins - InstaCraft - Sleepers - Door Sharing - Groups - Death Messages

Hi all. This server your about to view is directed towards those that like action! Those who enjoy the adrenaline rush of battles!

This server holds up to 100 players if that fills it will get extended! to 250!

Ok so some of the features on the server are pretty cool!


Lets start with the all loved ’

First lets check the command -

Once done correctly it will show -

Lets say we don’t like XresolutionzX anymore! There is always:

and again once done correctly will show:


Ok so now we have got our clan in the same house! We need some gear! Well thankfully there is a PVP and Survival Kit to be claimed! Yes ’

Lets take a look at how to claim a Kit!
This will tell you which kits are available -

  • And then we will claim a PVP kit -

If done correctly you should see a message along the lines of this! -


Ok so now we have some basic kit, but we want MORE! Well thankfully there is

You are much more likely too find things like these

in one of these

YES an M4 in a… Brown Box!


Ok so to top it off everyone likes nice friendly


See, like this -


The admins on this server have been playing Rust much longer than many of you! The server is created by an old Rust group who wanted the same feeling they had when it was only a few servers and lots of action!

The admins believe in a fair fight as much as anyone else!

There is no admin abuse and if provided with sufficient evidence or an admin sees someone hacking they will be banned without hesitation or fuss!

Admins will be more than happy to answer questions from players about mods, features or the game in general!


Ok so its all looking good! Only… how do i find this server?

Easy! press F1 to bring up the console and enter this -

If you couldn’t see the IP, it’s:

So come on in and give the server and admins a chance and enjoy yourselves, see you there!

PS. This post took a while to create, such as graphics, snippets and writing! if you do enjoy the server head back to this post and leave a good rating

and a comment so others can see its a server too be played on!


Added GROUPS/CLANS /gcreate Name - Create a group with this name, You can create and delete Groups. Also you are able to invite players to your Group. They can accept or decline the invitation. Remember /ghelp

Due to popular demand the server is now Insta-Craft!

Added chathistory! Have you missed a chat message you want to see again? Well do /history and take a look at the previous messages!

Added /list so its easier to see who your playing with now.

You can now do /adminhelp <message> to contact an admin in private about something and they will help you!

Added Economy, mainly used to by reseources, since theres already more loot, then you can find things such as M4’s

Added Bounties. Place a bounty on someone with /bounty {name} {price}. Simples.

Since this is PVP orientated there is now Global Death Messages.

We encourage GROUPS/CLANS to join as there are one or two clans who think they own the place, so come and show them something!

Bookmark this thread, i forgot to mention, if you bookmark this its much easier to check up on updates on the server!

There is now death and kills leaderboards!

I play this server a lot and it has a lot of action :slight_smile:

Indeed it does!

Great server, intense.

Yep, come on in guys, lets get some shooting going!

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Ok added GROUPS/CLANS plugin, create your own groups now! send private messages to your group members and much more!

Officially create your own clan name in this server.

Lets try and get people joining, a few have joined now, lets get some more!

awesome cant wait to get started !

You will have weapons in no time!

As co-owner and admin on this server i’m happy with all the people who made this server possible. We feel like pvp is what makes this game interesting and we don’t want people to farm 2 days before they can start pvping. That’s why we made it so zombies and boxes have better loot.

Hope everyone that joins the server will have a great time!

Absolutely! We have had some fantastic communities and wish to keep it going! People are already joining! So again thanks from me and rez, we are always quick to update and anything new will go on this thread under updates! untill we get plenty of players in which we will get a website!

I’ve started to play just recently, but this looks like a nice server already :smiley:

I am glad you like it! Hopefully more players will follow!

this server is getting good, community is building every day :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a shame, alot of people join and see theres only a few people on and leave, if everyone who has left stayed there would be loads, its just a knock on effect!

Thanks to the people who are giving the server a chance and staying on despite not many people! Means alot!

yeah a few more people would make it great :slight_smile:

More and more people starting to join, good :slight_smile:

Yep, if you join try to stay slightly longer than 5 seconds and you will find more people will see theres more on! Knock on effect!

Positive feedback from people who play it though, so good so far!

where’s everyone at, boop boop
no lag, no admin abuse, constant action

Been playing on this server since yesterday, fun server, observant admins. Hoping it gets the attention it deserves

Thanks. Its starting to pick up now! Plenty of loot for everyone

servers building up nicely now :slight_smile: