Chaos Lord walking towards the camera

Figured I’d do something WH40k related.

Sucks to be the camera man

FOR CHAOS! Rated artistic, nice job Nirrti

Nice one! :smiley:
Although it almost looks like he’s running :stuck_out_tongue:
I like it :3

Fucking ace model. Original?

do want!


wait a minute,isn’t this from Chaos Rising? the stand alone expansion of DoW2 that isn’t out yet?

Chaos Rising i think is going to be released on March.
Anyway awesome picture.

And hi to everyone.

Pretty awesome.

Scuse me but I believe this is the Garry’s Mod section.

Not ‘World of Warcraft’.

Pictures are to be done in GMod, not WoW. Fool. :downs:

The model is from WARHAMMER 40K Dawn of War 2, not World of Shitcraft

Terminator lord, awesome.

I never played WH40k but this looks badass :smiley:

You’re lighting and map choices and camera angles are getting worse.

You should have done something with the snow to make it not so flat, maybe some snow flakes falling.

Nice picture anyways.

Please take up the hobby of swallowing wasps.


Live wasps

Oh shit, we’re fucked.

Great edit!

oh look deathbucket is back

how do i know? he has some weird fetish or something involving wasps and sticking them up your ass and shit

didn’t he get permabanned?
twice? in a year?

Sweet jesus…Epic cape flow.
Don’t know whether to add Battle Without Honor or Humanity to this one or not…

actually i prefer it as a punishment