Chaos Skin for TF2 Sniper

Hi to all.

This isn’t my first Skin , but is my first upload:

The Chaos Sniper.

In large part, inspired by a character created by me, starring in my hand-drawn comics, and largely inspired by Squall, Auron, and other characters from the series “Final Fantasy”. It has a small bug in the hat and the back cover, but I’ll try to fix it in the future, now up to enjoy my well deserved vacation.

Now , some Screens:

And , the original Chaos desing:

Now , enjoy this.

Any Suggestion for future releases shall be heard :slight_smile:


PD:Also , i forgot to say…That skin works in TF2

This is the most fucking horrible thing I’ve ever seen in my entire stay at facepunch.

It’s… pretty alright.


Ain’t that Squall’s lion thingy on the sleeve?

So, I took provided the texture of that other


Is there any reason for people to qualify me as “Dumb”?

This is much more original skins that most people do, since they only make a change of color without much difficulty. I have done almost everything except the texture of the sleeve of his shirt.

I can’t tell if it’s good or not…

Any particular reason?

I don’t like it krysgayzor… it’s to simple…

¿What? Not Being an ass , dammit.

Don’t worry, also, for the skin, try modelling it yourself, maybe it will be goot at the end…

this thread has taught me not to mess with the sniper with a lo-res shitty skin. if you do, he will hold you up by your shirt’s collar and stare at you


Yeah same.

HAHA i fucking lost it when i saw the GIANT CROTCH ZIPPER.

Dude your skin needs a fuckton of work. The decals are unimaginably pixelated

Thank you for the “Dumb-rates”, but someone who judge the poor skin for the images is a great failord. Do you not have noticed that I not have precisely the full graphics options (medium…)? Thanks for showing me who’s the real dumb. I think I will pass over things that most people comment on this site as much talk as if he knew to do things better than anyone, and almost all of them have no idea how to make a simple skin. I have better things to do, bye.

By the way, can an administrator or moderator to close this before it is full of crap? I’m not going to coming back, is mostly to preserve their dignity.

Oh, and lastly: NaS, only someone would call me as your pathetic you called me. Are you pathetic? You know, your life does not bother me, but you must be very stupid to have called it, congratulations

Welcome to Facepunch.

Hahahaha, he deservs it!

Alright, I downloaded and I installed it and yes, I have my settings at High and still. It’s bad. I’m sorry to say, it’s bad. It’s really bad. It’s a third rate skin from a first time skinner.

Let me give you some advice although I know you’re not going to read this. Practice. No one’s ‘first time’ skins turn out perfectly. Look up references and tutorials on skinning. There’s plenty.

One of your fundamental problems, is that you’re trying to apply gimmicks to a strong character. Anime characters are given scars, bandages, and other shallow accessories so that they look different from each other. Also Japanese cartoonists have a hard-on for scar and bandage covered protagonists.

Anyway, the Team Fortress characters are highly stylized, and don’t need anime accessories to differentiate them from each other. Anime characters just don’t translate into 3D that well, because 3D usually implies a lot of attention to detail.

Anime just DOESN’T work on somethings.


in my opinion it doesn’t work ever

If you try to organize the textures and smooth their borders to look less low-res, this might turn into a decent skin for the Sniper.
Interesting crotch zipper, by the way.