Chaos The Dark(Ragdoll)

Hello. I wonder if anyone could help me.I’m working on a machinima video (for the machinima Channel and my youtube Channel) and would require that someone be so kind if should make a “Ragdoll” this image.

(The picture is drawn by me, is a character in my manga, I do in my spare time called “Destiny Road”, the character’s name is Chaos, the dark)

For colors gives more or less the same … white hair, gray and brown jacket, that’s all I ask.In the face has a bandage that covers his eyes, it would help if they do it but it is extremely necessary. "(The Sword of the back is not necessary.)

If someone could help me I would be grateful;) Ragdolls have never been my specialty … My specialty is to make maps for TF2

postscript: I’m not entirely sure that this issue go here, read the rules but I do not understand at all … I’m Spanish and English has never been my strong point xD, if not here sorry …

only person who could possibly pull this off is Opethrock55

lol not ask you to be a work of art o_o just need a ragdoll like the citizen, with a brown cowboy hat, long hair, a bandage to both eyes and the color coat resembles that of Squall from Final Fantasy VIII D: True Vouchers can be difficult but not ask you to do something absolutely perfect …

what I meant is if he wants it to look like he really wants it to he propably needs a really good modeler and I doubt Opeth is gonna do it just becuase you want him to