Character count, and typing stopper.

What I’m asking for is a simple request, a client-side script that would add a character count to somewhere on the window (Being able to move it to where ever you wish would be excellent, (with potentially the added ability to change color, font, size, and the like would be epic!) and stop your typing at a configurable amount, through either a menu or a simple console command. This would save so much hassle for RP, and other things alike, and I assume such wouldn’t be too hard to code. If possible, making the character count toggle-able, as to have it show on the screen somewhere, or not, for that matter, would be wonderful.

This being clientside is a must, though. I assume whoever does make one of these would receive high praise throughout the RP branches of Facepunch, as everyone hates getting a /me cut off.


If I remember correctly I don’t think it’s gonna be possible if it’s entirely client side. I think it was that the client types something out it’s sent to the server then sent to every other client to be displayed but when it’s sent to a server it limits the characters and cuts the extra’s off then sends it to the clients

It’s not possible without either splitting the message to multiple parts or making it also serverside.