Character Creation Screen [DARKRP]

Is there any Character Cheation Screen out there to download?

Like when you first join the server,

Theres a text box that says “Name” and a big box that has avalible Jobs to pick.

When you pick a job you spawn at the spawn area and you get set to the name you picked and the job you picked.

I think that would be a really cool darkrp module or whatever.

But yea if there is then comment.

Don’t leave stupid comments like “Ur stupid” or "Go learn Lua and do it yourself"

Just post if you know if theres any or you will make one for me.

If you make one for me i will pay.

About 5 to 18 US$

[Release] Contact Me


Steam Username: Halo2mods[/release]

And how would you pay? I can’t use paypal :expressionless:

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I’ll also do it for admin on your server.

Ok add me

I know you don’t want to hear it, but serious. If you’re editing / making a gamemode, search a coder or something, but it’s pretty weird to let different coders do all the work. If you just stick with 1 coder, or do it yourself, you’ll know everything you’ve set before.
Else you would have 9 different variables for 1 function, which all run together and the same.

That is simply not true.

Working with a team is a great idea in some cases.

This isn’t a team. He asks random scripters, who don’t work together.

500th post :3