Character custimization

I know that they are trying to make rust more divers but i think its not fair for a Pearson of a certain race be called names for what they arnt and what is the difference between a female and a male all you have to do is blur out the boobs and its all the same. I’m not mad if it seems that way but these should be implemented into the game for the players

What if everyone was a black guy and that was the only skin option instead of the range currently available. Would that be better?

There is a server plugin that allows arbitrary model skin changes. Play on those if you can’t handle it, or just kill people who’re racist to you in-game.

no because thats offensive to non-black people

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and the players shouldnt have to switch servers just to change who they are

I like how people get what they get. Customization should only be for stuff like hair and clothes. Not for your skin tone

Wow :v:

I’m so glad that I chose to be a white person. Being a white person is great.

You non-white people should have chosen to be white too. This is reverse racism, and that’s wrong.

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no but seriously playing a black character is offensive to white people?


(trying to avoid derailing, but it’s not easy)

they have the bare bones of customisation in. gender, hair, beards etc are a later thing. right now we are testing, not playing a full featured game.

as for selecting your colour and features, i’m kind of enjoying the randomness, and don’t personally feel insulted if i am a black guy, asian guy or russian guy despite being a white aussie with all the irish features expected of my great great granparents future generations. it’s a game, it really doesn’t matter what my avatar looks like. gender i’m a bit iffy on, but would be happy enough with that being randomised too.

If you make rust to randomise characters, make it properly. Make them different in height, muscles, faces, not just color. Make it so you feel that you are unique, you are born like this. Have fun from someone getting a random ugly face, and someone being randomly a big muscular hulk.

Yeah it gives some player advantage, but black skin already hides you better, thus it is not balanced even now.

Disagree, the advantages are situational - a naked white guy is less noticable in the desert than a naked black guy

And pretty much all the advantages/disadvantages disappear as soon as you wear full clothes/armour

Seeing all this chaos makes me wonder how seed based random gender would go down.

So you’re totally cool with calling people names if that is their actual race? Are you seriously here ccomplaining that you have to endure racism but the only problem with said racism is that you “arnt” really that race?

Wow… Just… wow.

Personally, I’m fine with random races. I’m black in game and couldn’t care less. I’d be fine if they assigned random genders to our characters too.

I think I may be missing something here. My character has not been changing appearance when I move to another server (well unless it is a very resent change). It was my assumption that the character appearance was driven off the Steam ID or something. Does the appearance change server to server?

I do like the you get what you get aspect of it. Kinda like RL.

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Whats the name of the plug in?

Your appearance remains the same from server to server–it uses your Steam ID as a genetic thumbprint that always gives the same result. Now, if the devs were to change the system to add more skin tones or alter the selection criteria, you might get a new result after that patch, but that’s the only time you’ll see it change. Some people don’t like the card they’ve been dealt and how other people are suddenly treating them, and sometimes they accidentally sound racist when they try and explain themselves.

I’m not a server admin and I don’t play on heavily-modded servers so I’m don’t know the names offhand, but there’s at least one Oxide mod that I’ve seen mentioned here.

My character is either black or middle eastern I can’t really decide, but I’ve literally never been called a racial slur since they were implemented. I think you’re bringing this behavior down on yourself by how you act in game. Otherwise I just don’t see how you found a server so full of racists.

I think they should add the character creation mechanics from Fallout 3/Oblivion/Fallout: New Vegas. That way, I can make my player look like a mutated fish midget.

HAHAA dude how do you think black people in real life feel just deal with it they do LOL

However it is arguable that darker toned newmen have a night advantage (global) whereas pale newmen only blend in the desert and maybe snow.

White in Real Life Black in Rust
I mean i got Night Camouflage
and im the one that always brings the KFC joke Quotes :DD