Character customization

I know this would be hard to develop, and I am not trying to make this a WoW type game…but hear me out.

Customize stature: You can choose height, weight, buiild. The bigger you are, the more you can carry at once, better at harvesting, more base health, but you move slower, you are easier to see from a distance, require more food/water. The smaller you are causes you not to be able to carry as much, you cant harvest as fast, but you can move much faster, hide easier, require less food/water.

Customize appearance (not super in depth): Just so we arent all bald guys. Let us choose basic things like hair, beard, etc.

Wrong thread, should be in requests.

Also Character Customization will be in the game, sooner or later. Garry has stated so.

~ C

Is it possible to move the thread? Sorry I am new :pwn:

Micro transactions say - Yes. This will eventually happen, or something similar.

Yeah, was actually just talking with my friends about this. There needs to be more to define your characters. I’ve been killed by FF more than I have by enemies because we’re all decked out in kevlar.