character delete option

Is there an option to delete my character? I can deal with rolling a new toon and deleting it till I get one I can live with. But I refuse to accept your no character choices bullshit. It’s a sorry excuse for not dealing with the code required to make a character editor. I said before and I say again I don’t play videa games in order to learn self acceptance. Annddd! I don’t play video games to see whiners swinging in the breeze either but who cares really about that.

Don’t wanna deal with it? Don’t play. It’s not going to change.

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Or buy a new copy and hope it rolls what you want.

Goffender, look at the scope of this game. Then consider they COMPLETELY remade the game (Legacy to Experimental) to allow for more progression to the overall game world. You think not being able to pick your look is an excuse to not deal with the required code? Lulz.

If you really want a new character that badly, you could always buy a new copy of Rust and create another Steam account! Dooo it!

You play in 1st person the entire time. It literally has zero effect on gameplay.

Hitboxes and skin tone. 2 facets of randomization that provide tactical advatages/disadvantages to gameplay. And you can see what they are in the inventory screen.

^ Its not going to change, get over it. The devs have a plan and allow ppl to pick their race/size is not apart of it.

Just do what I did and delete the game from your library and never play it again. Awesome game ruined by what seems like a damn social experiment. Not being able to choose/create your own character in this kind of game is down right F’d up. Luckily you only pay $20 for it.

It took A LONG time to be fine with playing as a black guy but after this last update made me a black female F— it I’m done… F U Garry… F U…

That’s why we’re here though, because we believe that it can still change. Being able to pick how we look would be nice, but we’re not entitled to that. Starting the game on an even playing field though, that’s a different matter and since we all bought the game, we do deserve that much. The current randomization doesn’t provide this.

Wait for a mod, this really isn’t even worth arguing over anymore.

I appreciate that your stance has changed from being outright against character customization, to at least accepting that a mod might work for others who want it; but here, my issue isn’t the lack of choosing how I look, it’s the lack of control we have on what advantages or disadvantages we get when we start the game, that these advantages or disadvantages are locked to our steamIDs, and that there is nothing we will ever be able to do short of a mod to overcome them. Our decisions once we join the game should govern what handicaps we have, not randomization before we’ve even set foot on the ground.

As long as someone who paid to play this game might not get to start on a level playing field as everyone else, I think it’s their right to voice a complaint about it.

God you guys are picky, if you give up a game because your character isn’t “perfect” I wonder how you deal with yourselves in real life. You don’t get to look how you want in real life unless you spend craptons on plastic surgery.

They didn’t pay to be in real life, they did pay to be in Rust. And real life affords a lot more diversity to utilize our strengths or overcome our weaknesses that don’t exist in Rust. But at least you recognize that changing how we look is at least possible in your comparison.

kurogo mate, you probably make the only relevent argument for character customisation choice:) that said, i would suggest that the variance is pretty minimal between the extremes (in terms of “hitbox” sizing), and as long as it is balanced there isn’t much sense worrying about the 1% disadvantage that a bigger body might incur.

to take the idea even further though, i would be interested to see a system that not only has randomly generated body sizing, but mild modifiers based on the size of your body parts. for example, the smallest legs might give you -1% speed, the largest +1% speed. arms could be melee damage/harvesting rate and body could be total health. not enough to imbalance the game, but something to counter the advantages given in hitbox sizing.

Could be a market here for selling Steam accounts? Pasty faced white dude, ripped, well hung $x.

It’s not random. New character will look exactly the same. Only with new patches it might look different. For now you are stuck with that look.

I think this is a bad idea of FP. People might hate their character and be stuck with it. Just a dumb idea.

Just like real life, eh? It’s okay not to have a white male character, I don’t get why people are upset.

This is now that server admins come out and sell their limited edition female characters :stuck_out_tongue:

What a nice way to say how racist everyone here is, well, other than the people that don’t give a shit what their character looks like.

Do they though?
I mean you “say” they do, and it makes logical sense that they would, bu do you have any empirical evidence to support your claims?

In order for skin tone to come into play in the manner in which you imply (I am assuming a black person at night, or a white person in the snow). You would need to play naked. Any advantage that would have been gained is quickly lost by the removal off all armor. Also, due to the manner in which Rust fights gamma exploits by rendering all objects darker, removes any advantage of being black at night.

At the distances most players actually shoot from the hitbox difference is really not an issue. Most shots are taken at center mass. The majority of hits will be well within the hitbox, and not on the outer few inches.

Hitbox is also a misnomer in Rust, as the hit detection mesh is your skin. This leaves a severely minimal difference in overall hit area. The amount of shots that miss a smaller avatar that would have hit a larger one is statistically low.

The difference might be low, but if it’s there, it’s there. It’s not the majority of shots that anyone would receive that make it unfair, it’s those fringe shots that one person wouldn’t have received but the person with a larger hitbox does. It’s that tiny amount that makes the difference that shouldn’t because we all bought the same game. Most of us might fall into the median average for players, but those that don’t definitely deserve to be heard.

And it’s the same for skin tone. Removing armor puts everyone at the earliest stage of where we should have been equal. If their randomly assigned skintone gives them an advantage in different areas, then the game is already controlling our gameplay experience. The night time rendering only kicks in after a certain distance, and until that distance, dark skinned characters have an advantage. Light skinned characters will have a similar advantage on the snow, one that would apply no matter what time it is. The only way other players would get to have a similar advantage is after they’ve earned it in game. We should all have to earn our advantages in game, not luck out before it even starts.

Now I did put some thought into what they could do to add more balance to this, but the idea of adding bonuses to compensate for strategic disadvantages just leads our experiences further away from the idea that they don’t want to control how we play.