Character does not wake up

In Experimental Branch, my character does not wake up, I try press the button and type “wakeup” in the console.

Have any solution? Thanks.

I get this sometimes. I think its just lag or something. Close the game then reopen is what worked for me.

SOMETIMES you can press F1 and type respawn, bit of a 50/50 if this works

a while back i managed to do a spectate>respawn>kill cycle with success, but last time i just had to reset. i wouldnt wake up, kill just dealt damage and left me in the sleeping screen.

i used the spectate>respawn thinking it might reset the player model etc, but instead of respawning, i would be a nonexistant player without inventory until i used kill. then i ended up back in the stuck sleep screen XD

just close rust and restart for now, seems to fix most things;)

This happened to me just today and using the suicide command fixed it.