Character Group Picture

This is one of my first images, I’m new at ragdolling so it’s not a quality image.

I’m not sure why you put a bunch of characters from different games together. 75% probability that you’ll be building a box fort soon.

The fuck is wrong with the alien and why is spiderman gaywristin’

why is barney a nazi?

Hey it’s my first time.

The posing looks really stiff.
You might want to follow some tutorials or something.

Also, did you turn AA on?

Accept CC

Well, I guess it’s not terrible for a first. Sure beats those terrible minge poses. I guess this would be good for building up ideas and get a perspective on what models you like and dislike. Before you make a new pic, go to the sticky and check out the tutorials. Try to have an idea behind your picture, and something happening.

This picture is basically nothing, just a bunch of floating ragdolls with no relation or appearing meaning.

Yeah, this looks like a promo pic for a model pack.