Character growth in game.

Character growth in game idea.

first idea is muscle growth. i don’t know about you guys but my character works are hes constantly mining rocks and chopping wood. He should have muscle growth by now. i am pretty sure swing a pick axe all day is a good work out.

Second idea. scars from fighting animals if you survive. once you die your characters skin and muscle growth disappears so you look like the original character.

That is actually a really good idea, there should be more to it, but yeah would love to see that implemented in the developer’s own ways.

Like the idea, but i also want hair growth, beards and 'tashes! If you see someone with L’Oreal flowing locks you know he is a badass cuz he is worth it!

i want all this!!!

And when you die you come back a skinny naked man that must work for it all over again. Except for the facial hair. How else will they be able to identify the bear faced bandit without his beard?

being honest, all of this is fine and dandy, but if your wearing armor, it will never be seen, i would prefer more skill based “growth”. for instance the more you mine stone the the faster you get at it, or you can get a little extra from each node… but to off set this, add in skill atrophy. and make it atrophy at a faster rate the higher it is…

a lot can be done with this, for instance his strength increases allowing him to carry more per stack of wood…

Not a bad idea, kind of a rough way to gauge the “experience” of another player. The jack, disfigured guy you know has been around and can take a hit, while the dow eyed scrawny guy probably isnt much of a challenge

Noo… if you die, you’re a naked, skinny bitch and need to gain your fur back with hard work, sweat and blood.
Apart of that, idea is brilliant and brings a lot to survival, because you will value your character more.

Tbh, don’t like this. As good an idea as it seems at first, it’s going too much in skills and attributes RPG direction which I’d prefer the game steer clear of. Last thing we need is people grinding, hacking at trees for 2 straight hours to get their strength stats up 1 notch.

That’s the reason why stats/perks/whatever need to be well balanced, so that you can get slightly better in X while neglecting Y but still you won’t become invincible. For example, if you do choppy-dee-chop all day long, you will get stronger but get faster metabolism and when you stop practising your strength for a while, it will all even out.

My character would be really fat, because all I do is sit in my house and eat chicken all day.

Nah. Stats/perks/whatever suck. Not seen one game ever where improving stats and attributes became any less than a grind. The idea is logical but it always ends up the same way. Completely against it. I like that this game is 100% decided by the players own skill. That’s what makes this game stand out from all the MMOs.

Thats why said there need to be stats that are ungrindable or rather not worth of grinding.

That would be US of A simulator :smiley:

Om nom nom nom! I cant hear you over the loud crunching sounds my mouth is making.


Should be easy to spot a hacker then, having Godzilla sized humans running around the map :smiley:

Great idea, and along with this muscle growth there should be a “strength” factor. Not a “stat” that you add/gain point in per se, but maybe the more wood u chop, the faster your able to do it.

Similarly, an Agility (Or Athletics if u wanna rip Elder Scrolls) factor to make you run slightly faster the more you do it.

frankly i want to steer clear of stats/skills of any kind. right now every game is trying to add rpg stat grinds to their games and i am so tired of it. Its great when its mmorpg or a normal single player rpg.

But rust should steer clear of it just to break the mold everyone is trying to fit their games into.

i loaded up a racing game to day and it had levels in it people. LEVELS! its bad enough that cod has done it. now racing games are trying to do it.
all i wanna do is race the car not level grind!

why the hell wouldn’t it be great?

If it was purely for appearance I would be fine. Like just to show that your character has done more/been alive longer.