Character/Model Parenting

I was just wondering if the prop-to-prop parenting system could work for say players-to-props - but without welding. The purpose would be to allow a player to walk on a moving prop with perfect stability, like the gigantic mechanical spider in halo 3. Also, to allow gravity and perspective to be fixed to the prop when it flips upside down.

Can parenting be accomplished in such a way?

If not by current means, this REALLY needs to be scripted for spaceships.

Players cannot be parented due to the fact that when you do the game/server gets an engine error.
I had something like this almost done by teleporting the player except I kinda gave up due to the need for extreme vector math.


You know what… I think Ill work on it now…

WOW. I will idolize you if you make this work. See last line of OP =)

Speaking of vector math… What about a facer that can be reliably wired to the world direction/pitch/yaw of a pod? This needs to be done for players inside of starships controlling mounted lasers on the outside. I hear its possible to do manually, but not for mathtards like me.