Character Modeling vs Weapon Modeling

Are they similar? I’ve done some weapon modeling, but not any character modeling, and I was wondering if the concepts are the same. (I use a background reference image and do mostly vertex modeling)

If you have a reference image, it is more or less the same.

Should I continue to use 3ds max or Zbrush?

Zbrush is meant for sculpting high poly models, not regular low poly modelling (which is what 3DS Max is used for)

Uh, organic modeling is actually quite different from weapon modeling.


Although both take skill, character modeling is usually much harder than weapon modeling. A weapon only has a few areas where it is animated and even then it’s usually separate pieces and rotations, so you don’t have to worry about edge loops or good topology. Characters move and animate in many places, so care must be put into every edge and vertex you have to make sure it animates and deforms well.

Any amateur can make a weapon, but it takes skill to make a face and a head and make sure it animates well.

Dude, game models are pretty low poly. You will almost always be working with some sort of limit.

Learn both. Model the char (preferably the head) high poly in zbrush and render a normal out of it, export the low poly mesh to 3ds and put in on the body you’ve modelled in max.