Character models glitched?

After the new character models were entered in on the staging branch, I have noticed quite a few (issues?) my character has no problems but my friend for example has turned lobster red, he is now lobster man. I also encountered someone on the staging server who was green. I think there might be a slight problem here??? Maybe??? Just me??? I would post proof but my friend didn’t want to redownload the staging beta opt. Has anyone else been having strange character issues?

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Also no my colors are not messed up on my monitor, as multiple of my friends saw him being red. Another one of my friends was pretty orange. Carrot man and lobster man to the rescue.

I used to be a black man, now I am a white woman. I thought i’ve seen it all… From being chased by people holding whips to being chased by 12 y/o virgins who want my fanny. Nice RNG system Garry thanks alot.

Well yeah but that’s not really glitched. I too am a white woman, preparing rust sandwhiches for all the male rustians dialy. But that’s besides the point. He’s lobster red man! LOBSTER!!!