Character models of call of duty black ops

know where I can get the character models of cod, want to do some pictures on them and see how the Maya to learn from these professional models and do not find it anywhere, someone will have or will know where I can get FBX or other common format?

well Garry’s Mod probably has a few in their workshop. I’ll take a look. Are Source MDLs OK? You might have to decomp them.

if you can get FBX or other format as dae much appreciate it because blender use and the program does not accept many rare formats so to speak

Just found some but they’re black ops 2, I swear I saw some Black Ops models a long time ago but I can’t find them anymore

there are some more in the workshop if you’d like to take a look yourself

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MDL isn’t really a “rare” format, in fact I think it should be relatively easy to go between Blender and Source

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Wait, wasn’t there a file dump of Call of Duty assets in this forum a long ass time ago?

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Also if you were wondering what I meant by “relatively easy” I have a friend who does source modeling in blender and I think he uses this iirc

If he’s right, because if the models are playable maps but that are editable so?

models as playable, editable maps?

It helps if you search the forums first. That way you aren’t creating posts for material that already exists. Learn the ropes. … Either way. Here you go.