character playing running animation without moving

hmmm i have the beta assassin with her real animations but when it playing for example the running animation, the assassin doesnt move forward…How could i fix it?

I’m just going to copy some one else’s post

The NPC’s speed is determined by its animations, but when you decompile, that data gets lost. You need to add movement back into the run and walk animations and put the right commands into your QC file to fix it. You don’t need to use 3ds Max; any animation program will do.

You’d need to replace this:

$sequence run "run" loop ACT_RUN 4 fps 30.00

with this:

$animation a_run "run" loop fps 30 LX LY 
$sequence run "a_run" loop ACT_RUN 4 fps 30.00

And do the same for all its run and walk sequences.

The LX LY here is telling the game to take all the forward movement out of the run animation, and apply that to the NPC itself. Look at the model in Model Viewer and play its run animation, you’ll see the ground move beheath it, if it’s working right.