Character ragdoll turning all red, randomly

This problem has come up at an EXTREMELY inopportune time. I was trying to animate a couple of ragdolls, Sniper (I forgot whether it’s HWM or not) and non-HWM FemScout. At certain very specific positions, FemScout’s ragdoll turns just completely red but ONLY while looking through a camera, and I can’t figure out why. Physgun freezing makes her flicker normal before staying red if in one of those positions. I saw something similar working with the more TF2-style female Engi ragdoll from the Workshop, where her skin turned brown and her hair changed color, but with that one I wasn’t even looking through a camera. Is this one of those things most everyone’s picked up on and fixed already, or can it not be fixed just yet due to GMOD13’s overall…I guess instability?

Here’s a screenshot of the redness in action.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with how I had to use the Color tool on the hat to make it red. It also only seems to happen either while the ragdoll’s moving from a source like a thruster, or while I’m holding it with the Physgun.

it happens to me too, its because of ragdoll mover and the camera aint the best friends, if you have the hand hitbox in the ground it will show the red, this is proably due to fix someones image so they dont have a limb stuck into the world

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note if you aint got the ragdoll mover, idk

I wasn’t using the Ragdoll Mover at all, though I do have it installed. I just wanted to do that spazzing-out thing with sticking invisible thrusters to the ragdoll, and I noticed FemScout flickering red while making her flop around with the thrusters. So it’s the game’s way of telling you the ragdoll’s hitbox is clipping through something? I wonder why I haven’t seen it happen outside of working with these ragdolls. It’s possible I never actually moved any ragdolls WHILE looking through a camera till now, since I’ve usually just done stop-motion with screenshots one at a time.

I know bumping this might not be the best idea, but I figured out a little more about this glitch, simply by testing it out with another color for the hat. It seems like the problem is something to do with bonemerging causing the color of the bonemerged prop to be applied to the ragdoll, but only while looking through a camera and only when in certain positions. I don’t know what the position of the ragdoll has to do with it, but I know the color it flickers is the color I put onto the hat. It seems like this particular hat, Glengarry’s Bonnet, is the only one that’s turned white, and for some reason both its skingroups are white, even though no other hat in the spawnlists appears to have had this happen. It might be the Paintable TF2 Hats addon, but if that’s the case then I don’t know why it only affected that hat.

EDIT: This may have affected other hats. So far I found the Scout’s flipped trilby, batter helmet, fwk_scout_cap, domination hat, Sniper’s cork hat, c_bet_brinkhood, kerchief, summer shades (maybe), and others. I really wasn’t aware this addon actually turned all the skingroups colorless.