Character reset after logging off?

Hey all, enjoying the game a ton so far, even if its a bit buggy. Its in alpha.

The issue I’m having is caused by logging out for an extended period of time. If I log out for about an hour or so and go back in, I return with what I left with, and where I left. If I disconnect from the server overnight, when i reconnect, I have to start over in a new spawn location.

Is this the intended action so no one gets too strong? Or is it a (known) bug that will be changed?
My buddy i play with has been having the same issues.


When you log off your body stays in the spot where you logged off, in a sleeping animation. When in this state, you CAN be killed at any time. Be in a safe spot when you log off and this won’t happen.

is that the only cause of this? Because I logged in quite a safe place, and when I respawned after getting killed when I was reset, I did not spawn at one of my 4 sleeping bags :frowning:

This game atm is highly PvP and filled with bandits, so you must have been killed that’s why you lost everything. The best thing you can do is to pretty much join a non-pvp server and you will be safe from people killing you.

that makes sense. Its on quite a small server, (about 15 people online), so i thought I’d be ok logging in a little shack in the middle of no where.

When you’re killed while DCed, do you not spawn at your sleeping bag though? I just want to make sure I can build a sustainable account at some point :stuck_out_tongue: