Character study - "Sledgehammer" looking at the camera

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It would be good if you could take the time to compare the two closely.

As you can see, I have become somewhat out of practice. C&C please.

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Magnifique, splendide, superbe, mon cher Chestymcgee. Because English words can’t describe this.

Dat wound. It is so HD.

Not your best, but nice nevertheless. Wound edit is impressive.

The model actually looks like Joseph Mazello.

Amazing job texturing, I love how you made the face detailed. Rain is decent, drops are looking neat and the splashes too. The wound is great, althrough a bit too sharp on the right side for my taste. The colors just add to the lovely atmosphere. Great Work.


You are a god among men

It’s… big?

Thank you, my friend. You have a beautiful language.


It’s hard to reach one’s best at all times. Thanks for the comment.

A little bit yeah. Had to do a lot of shading to bring out certain details though, like his distinctive nose shape.

Thanks, mate. :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly, sir.


its even more impressive when you look at the original. I especially like the texturing.

I meant that I need a damn huge monitor the size of a wall to see that without having to scroll around. It’s still nice, though. I dig the editing of course.

Oh okay. I think we’re in an age where I shouldn’t have to scale down a 1680x1050 picture though, you can’t see the detail properly without it fullsize anyways. You can always right-click and open it in a new tab.

Gracias for the comment, pal.

Thank you!

Hm. Now I see that even though my monitor is big, it’s relatively small. Gotta get a new one when I upgrade my toaster.

No problemo.

This is amazing.

He is supposed to look at the camera, but it actually more looks like he’s looking at some guy at the right of it :confused:

Anyway, awesome picture and very well done edit.

And, since it’s apparently a nice compliment to tell french stuff to people, très bon boulot.

Yes they can.

Magnificent, splendid, superb all do the job nicely.

Great work here Chesterp

As stated on Steam earlier, I do not like the rain. Good shadowing and texturing, though.

wow, people will find any excuse nowadays…

You already know how much i like this picture :slight_smile:

“Watcha got there Sledgehamma?”

Beautiful, and very detailed, you even added pores on his face!