Characters of HL2 Pose

I made this as a wallpaper for myself because I like Half-Life 2. I figure I’d share.

Fixed with a different host. Thumbnail visible. C&C please.

Heres a list of on what you’ve done wrong.

  • Posing to stiff.
  • Quality is horrible.
  • Pick a better map.
  • Make ALL the character’s textures more high-def, Gordon doesn’t look that happy with low-def friends.

Other than that. It’s great!


I would like to ask some questions in response to your C&C.

  1. How can I make the posing less stiff? (I assume unfreeze some joints)
  2. How do I make the textures high-def?

Thanks for the answers in advance.

great composition and great posing! Very well done.

Good work.

Thank you. I tried to fit all the major (human or human-looking) elements of the game into the picture. The antlions and zombies were a pain in the ass to pose for me so I left them out.

You need to call a sarcasm meter repair man.


Do you know what sarcasm is?

Did you see a sarcmarc in my post? I was being serious.

This would have been excellent 5 years ago.

And yeah, you might as well give up on antlion posing. It’s impossible.

Thats funny :buddy:
but really…

You can copy the pose from the NPC, I forget exactly how. Something to do with shitting around with host_timescale

Very nice picture, I really like it.



Their poses are stiff. Look at them. Would you stand or sit like that in real life? Yeah, I don’t think so. The poses are unrealistic. All the ragdolls are either drunk or have broken bones. Some examples:

-Barney’s pose looks really painful, like he broke his kneecaps or something.

-The soldiers look like they’re about to give their rifles to someone we can’t see. You wouldn’t hold a gun that way, would you?

-Odessa’s pose is quite alright, but he looks like he’s about to fall forward and the way he holds the RPG is very awkward.

-And Alyx seems to be either floating or standing on her toes.

I won’t even get started on Breen or Magnusson. Most of their upper bodies are also horribly twisted.

Get some reference pictures of real people in the same poses and compare them to your GMod versions. You’ll see the huge difference.

Take a good look at the Options menu and you’ll figure it out.

Anti-Aliasing is also very important. It removes the pixelated edges.

Thanks. I’ll try and keep that in mind. Although my settings were on their highest. Texture detail very high, everything else was either high or medium depending on the available options.

Go to the option menu and look for video option, make sure to turn up the resolution and the advance setting when you’re posing some stuff.


I see you didn’t use no-collide tool huh?