Characters with HEV suits.

Simple request, just Barney, Kleiner, Eli and the lot (alyx. etc…) wearing HEV suits, If possible, I would prefer Kathar’s HEV suit.

you sure?

this suit looks a lot better than kathars


as it says, this one does not warp the midsection, and is high definition


so other than it being kathars model, i like the idea

To be honest with you, any suit will do, I just have the NPC of that one and its got a really stiff ragdoll, + that all my current guys with HEV suits are using kathars.


Something like this (actually, exactly this)

For Christ sake use the edit button

awesone i like it

I might try to do this. I’ll see what I can do.

Now Alyx can have own suit.

Failed :frowning: