Charcoal and cloth, map ideas, etc.

So we are hearing clamor about the map. Looks like somethings getting done on Trello. Fantastic.

What are our options here? We have two crowds on this: 1. Give me convenience or give me death, and 2. Hardcore. No maps. Learn the land, scrublet.

Crowd 1 wants a full blown map and location. IMO, no bueno.
Crowd 2 wants new players to struggle through the wasted time and frustration of finding friends, etc. This could be alleviated and be a frame for something new to the game, and positive.

There should be some way to overlap these two.

  1. Map that only reveals what you have explored (Per life - death resets this map. Player dies, loses the “map” they have been making as a survivalist.)
  2. Player made map - some cloth and charcoal, and a la MS Paint, you can draw your own map. Inventory item that gets dropped on death. (Uh oh, they have a map to your house now.)
  3. Dropped from sleepers/containers. An item that when used is a map of the land.
  4. Official release of a map accessible by web browser. Devs could fire up a sweet map and just let players download it. PC players being resourceful about surviving in the game where they play a survivalist. Yo, dawg…

Just brainstorming about the map.

with all the hundreds of suggestions for the map, this one takes the cake. This is actually not a bad idea at all, this seems like a completely reasonable way to go about it. However, I would be all for an auto-fill map that fills so long as you have charcoal in your inventory and have your map actively open.

I would love a hand drawn sort of system. Then you could make maps, blueprints, mark hidding spots etc. It adds risk to using a convenience item.

Hand Drawn maps get a +1 from me,
this idea is brilliant. Brings back the nostalgia from the sea map in LoZ: Phantom Hourglass.

Hand drawn maps are nice, even add in ability to draw notes.

+1 from me as well.

I find it strange that we can make M4s with laser sights, holo sights and silencers but have no way to make a map :pwn:

I’d like to see the map be a craftable item that ‘fills out’ as you explore different areas–you should have to physically travel and explore an area before your map updates to reveal that area. I’d also like to be able to place waypoints / custom points of interest on the map if that area has been filled out.

A craftable compass would also be nice.