Can we get a charcoal furnace? Seeing as we now have the large furnace, charcoal production is lacking behind. concept like this would look awsom ingame.

Use small furnaces

Although I’ve thought they could add charcoal deposits in the ocean or around a volcano

Was the large furnace implemented to stop the million furnace lag? If so using multiple small furnaces to just make charcoal defeats the purpose of the large furnace. Any way small furnaces only allow 1 slot of wood and its production is small.

Large was introduced to stop the fact that people used to create 10 furnaces to smelt their stuff.

I don’t like that it’s so common and fairly cheap though, I expected it to be on par with quarries/etc considering when you split stacks you can easily smelt 1000+ of something in 10 or so minutes.

Normal furnaces are basically charcoal producers at this point, just make 5-10 of those and keep them topped up with wood. Unless they allow you to split wood stacks and have them all burn at once, then large could be used to produce a lot of charcoal too. I imagine the reason that isn’t done though is because stuff being smelted is tied to the amount of wood being burned, would probably be a tiny bit more tricky to tweak.

Only 1 stack of wood will burn in any furnace. I disagree, about using multiple small furnaces as it would be at a cost of server proformance, hence the suggestion!

Using plenty of small ones, even if there are tons of people online doing it, shouldn’t really have any impact on server performance.

If there are enough furnaces running on a decent server to actually cause issues, then it wouldn’t matter if you were running yours or not.

From a proformance stand point, less furnaces = better server proformance this was one of the reasons the large furnace was introduced. Check back through dev blogs to see the mention of why the large furnace was introduced.

Anyway hope the devs actually read this so THEY can make the decision.

Server performance is really beside the point, isn’t it? I have 15 small furnaces in my base and their sole purpose is to burn wood. That’s stupid.

Since only one stack of wood will burn at any point in time in every current furnace iteration, there is no good way to quickly mass produce coal. The OP’s idea is a great one. We need a furnace that can consume multiple stacks of wood at the same time (and perhaps produce more coal per wood consumed).

From devblog.

As I said it honestly doesn’t matter. Even if performance was an issue, the fact that so many people are only using large furnaces nowadays anyway means that the overall amount of furnaces will be much lower regardless.

Should just be able to split stack wood in furnaces and have it burn multiple stacks tbh, then you could load up a large furnace and produce a lot of charcoal.

That’s a good idea. But it would probably need to be toggle-able. I don’t know if the current “super stacking” is intended and I think I’ve heard of servers where it’s not allowed, so some people would probably still need to put in multiple stacks of 1000 and have only one burn at a time.

If it wasn’t intended I’m pretty sure it would have been fixed by now, and single stack burning would make large furnaces pointless because having many small furnaces would be far faster. With that being said, they don’t really need to cater gameplay changes to servers with weird arbitrary rules.

Having a dedicated furnace for making charcoal when all the others also produce it would be kind of counter intuitive. What would make sense is being able to fill your furnaces with wood instead of metal/etc and produce more charcoal.

Anyone thought about just placing campfires?

All the suggestions on how to overcome the shortfall of charcoal are obvious lol

What i have suggested is a permanent solution to the fact.

Worst choice. Impermanent and less efficient, wood wise.

I run 6 furnaces for metal ore, and 3 for sulfur. Metal furnaces get 3 stacks of ore + 1000 wood, sulfur gets 3 x ore and 835 wood. Every time they burn out their wood, there’s exactly the perfect amount of charcoal to convert the sulfur I just produced into gunpowder. I only use the large furnace for high quality metal for the most part, due to the stacks of 100 filling up so fast. That one gets 1000 wood and 8 equal stacks of ore.

I honestly don’t care what reason the large furnaces were added for. From a practical standpoint, using large furnaces for the low grade ores is impractical as it produced only a small fraction of the charcoal you actually need. The only thing the large furnace is good for outside of producing HQM is if you have a large amount of ore that you need processed in a hurry and aren’t concerned about charcoal.

Like it or not, that’s the reality of Rust right now.