"Charge up your light. It'd be nice if you could be able to see across the room more clearly".

Another quick pose to kill boredom.


It is Metro inspired. Hence the image name.

Reminds me of metro 2033, so it’s nice.

I’m really feeling the posing on the ranger to the right.

I like it.
I gotta say your stuff deserves more that three comments.

Good one, bro.

Makes me think of Metro 2033

Real nice one man.

I would certainly hope it does, that’s the main point of it :v:

ak’s furniture is stupidly shiny

Pretty good.

I’ve been seeing these Ranger-esque models around a few places now, but a quick search through the models section didn’t reveal anything to me.

Where, exactly, can I find these models? I may try my hand at attempting a Metro-ish comic maybe - pictures like this make me want to try, at least.

That being said, it’s great. I’ll agree with Zeraxify - the posing on the right-most Ranger is very well-done and natural looking. :buddy: