Charger you! (3-D)

HAHA!! You need glasses!

For those of you who don’t have a pair.

I’m really interested to know whether this works. Who has a pair of really old red and cyan 3D glasses lying around anyway?

As for the actual picture, the posing looks really bad and the picture is virtually empty.

The back arm seems a little off and it is a little empty, but the 3-D idea is pretty cool.

Thanks for the dumb-rating. You’re right, what I said was completely dumb. How dare I mention that your picture is lazy and sucks. You will surely improve by ignoring me. Keep on truckin’.

Have a dumb for saying I rated you dumb when I didn’t.

Hurfff durff I care about ratings

The 3D thingy is not a bad idea, but the picture could be way better

Well, shit. Now I need to find 3D glasses.

I just so happen to have a pair!


Fear your stuff has now gone really bad, either stop posting it or ACTUALLY WORK ON IT.

Or ignore my posts and gtfo.

No because i want to see if you have improved, but there you are in your post, giving me something a 12 year old would respond with.

Did Deathbucket somehow get your account’s password Fear?


This actually works pretty well, surprisingly.

Exactly what process did you go about to make this picture 3-D?

I think Fear downloaded the a Post-Procesing 3-D shit that is on the LUA coding releases :o

And it sucks that I dont have a 3-D glass around :confused: I really wanted to see if it worked.