Charger pounding Ellis to death + A failed attempt at something Original

Dangit Comby.
C&C is appreciated as always. Also somebody tell Skaarj to port the Alien Modelzzzz

Charger “Dont make me slap you with my little hand”

Great editing, I especially like the posing on Ellis charger’s head seems to be shifted to the right more o.o

im glad your posing is finally improving now

I like the charger’s camp little hand.

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If you’re gonna try doing something original, try to do it without zombies.

Try MK poses, its still involves mindless killing and gore.

Ellis can’t make to the safe room.
Nice posing :smiley:

Zoeу went mad.

Nice job!

Now’s not the time

Dont think thats going to happen but they are defenitely going to be more original and/or crossovers.

How is that dumb

i honestly expected anal sex