Charging the beach.

Didn’t come out as I planed.

Rain was very last minute.


uhhh americans having russian weapons ahem stv’s? they don’t seem to run at all(maybe some do, but the posing is wierd). Other than that nice try

not your best, shading looks quite nice

Yeah, I figured that I was using the wrong weapons, but I don’t have DoD:S so I didn’t have a huge selection.

How you made so good rain?Are there some tutorials?

There are some WWII weapons in my Kuma War pack. That might help you.

Why can’t somebody make the perfect D-day map.

All of them are shit. :frowning:

It’s okay. I would never have thought this was yours though if I didn’t see the user name - this is not up to your usual very high standards.

Still a good picture though. Great posing.
Odd weapon choices though.


I planed for it to come out completely differently and then It came out fairly bland.

Only good one compare to all though…except one thing, the water is bugged cause of the update for dod. Someone really needs to fix it.