Charizard model for Gmod?

Ok, I know it exists. I can’t find it though. I’ve been searching all over facepunch, fpsbanana, and google. I’ve found lots of stuff people made with Charizard in it. I’ve even found a Lugia model for Gmod. I’ve found lots of people talking about the model. I’ve even found and got a “shiny” hex of it.

However, I can’t find the original thing anywhere. Was it some sort of leak that got removed?

I’d really appreciate if someone could post a link pointing me to where to get the Gmod version. I feel like a retard right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean my shiney hex of it ^^ The link to it is in the BONUS.txt file if you’d bothered looking I put links to loads of interesting things in there, so you should look in there. Incase you’ve somehow lost it heres the Charizard link:

(And I just looked, its in the CREDITS.txt aswell, someone hasn’t read my painstakingly compiled documentation ¬.¬)

Edit: Ah crap the link is dead, lets see if I can find another.

Yeah, I downloaded them, I just haven’t installed them yet. Don’t worry, I DO read the documentation of everything I install like a good player/user should.

My Gmod just isn’t installed yet. I had to do a reformat thingy and need to reinstall all the half life 2 stuff over my somewhat crappy internet.

Thanks for the links, and your amazing hexes. I can’t wait till Gmod finishes installing and stuff so I can get in and have Dark Lugia watch my silly attempts at construction from on the roofs. :slight_smile:

Edit: Yes indeed, the link is very dead. Bummers.

Yay someone who actually looks ^^ and thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try and find a working link to the original Charizard for you seeing as that one doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Edit: This might be it, i’m not sure though, Mario has a tendency to not name his files sensibly :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I get this bucket of bolts working, I’ll be able to get in game and test. It certainly seems to be some sort of zard type file, and has the folder structure of a Gmod addon thingy. Guess I’ll find out whenever I can get Steam up and running. I’ll post an update when I can test this stuff.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

np :slight_smile: If it has any materials called FitLizarddon (or something similar) its the right one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, that’s Mario for ya…naming a texture for a Charizard “Fitlizarddon”

No thats actually just left from the Japanese name (Lizarddon i’m presuming being Charizard and the Fit is before all the character names), which is what the files are called in the .pac files, just means he didn’t rename em after extracting ^^

It actually has files named zardcreature, and files named left eye, right eye, ect in the materials folder. No Fitlizarddon files. It might not be the right one in that case. I don’t know what it is anymore, but I’ll install it and find out anyway. Who knows, could be hillarious.

Once Gmod is all setup, that is. Still installing the massive amount of HL2 stuff I’ve bought.

Meh i’m pretty sure its the right one but let me know once you’ve got everything installed, so I can update the BONUS.txt for when I make an update (if i ever get round to it that is).

It’s not the right one at all. It’s some Zard monster, presumibly from a game I haven’t played. It seems to have some broken “purple” textures too(same problem as the “werewolf” model, which had to do with using shaders that were bad.) I could probably just remove the offending shaders and keep it like I did with the werewolf’s teeth shinyness.

But it certainly isn’t anything remotely like a Charizard, regardless. So it’s not going to work very well if you update your readme with that link. :wink:

Right I shall see what I can do then :slight_smile: (also thanks for informing me :P)

Hey, just wanted to report that I still can’t find the original model anywhere. I’m beginning to think it was taken down for some reason.

Can the original ripper explain why it was taken down, or possibly reupload it again?

If I can actually contact Mario to ask him if I can, I will reupload it. (Though so far i’ve had no luck).

mariokart64n was notorious for flying off the handle and removing his DL’s the moment anyone said anything bad about his ports. If anyone got this model before he removed it (if that’s what happened), that’d be your only chance.