"Charlie did you find Black Hole project ?" "Nope im still searching"


Bad Angle and i think it’s way too dark… (again)

Compare with the Original

Compare Old to New
http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/87446 (just watch the little girl)

C&C please

The dropbox link is bad - you need the public link

Re-uploaded with Imageshack

The lighting is good, and so is angle. he is holding the gun really high.

I fixed the little girl behind the guy.

You can see the difference while comparing the screenshots

Didn’t notice the girl. That’s scary man.

Though, i find the old one to be scarier.

I love the little details on the ceiling you added there. Your edit changed quite a few things while keeping it basically the same, I like that.

I first saw the white spot on his legs,then I noticed the title,and then I noticed I just saw the girl.

At first,I though someone had ripped a chunk of him off.

A tad bit dark, but not bad.

Yeah i know, but with a dark picture you add more horror.