Charlie sheen ragdoll

why do i need to ask will be funny to have

Just because you want him to hold a machete.

That’s when you know you’re famous. When you’re requested on Garry’s Mod. If Sheen ever saw this his ego would be boosted by 25 hit points.

Hell, I’ll support it. Why the hell not?

Get some more Tiger Blood in Gmod.

exactly. maybe an npc too

Charlie’s claims are so ludicrous, it’s like he’s his own Chuck Norris joke factory.

And for some reason, that makes him awesome in my opinion.

I mean, he certainly doesn’t have any confidence issues. The man’s not all well in the head, but I give him respect for being so outrageous and not giving two fucks about it.

And even if it is all an act, which I doubt, the man does such a great job pulling it off that I wouldn’t give a shit if it was!

Oh God, I support this with a vengeance.

WINNING!!! :smiley:

I support it, now~

I support this to the fullest extent! And read my lips: MOAR Charlie Sheen, please.

Fucking yes. Do this, now.

Bumping with a passion

Want. Fucking Want.

well if any of you know how to head hack here’s his head

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it’s in obj format

Holy shit, that looks awesome. It’d be hilarious to see a ragdoll with that head…but what about his hair?

And where did that head come from anyway? I didn’t look at the model, but the image looks very professional, almost. It’s very well made to say the least.

facegen. lol
i cant get the hair to work for some reason. lol