Charmed Magic - Telekinesis, Freezing and More

Introducing my WIP Charmed Ones Magic Pack.

Description: Basically, there is a tv show, that is now no longer made, called Charmed, it follows the adventures of 3 Sisters who also happen to be witches, who inherrit magical powers.

Prue (Deceased) - Telekinesis and Astral Projection
Piper - Freeze Time and later developing explosive powers.
Phoebie - Premonitions and Levitation
Paige - Half Whitelighter - Telekinetic Orbing power and Orbing (later gaining healing powers)




Currently done:
Prue’s Telekinesis Power:
Initially, I didnt know how to do an effect where force would be applied to objects.
To teach myself how to do this, I looked at 2 different addons which already did this.
One was a telekinesis addon, right mouse button to select objects, and left to fling them. This addon was good, however it broke easilly in a serious way, if a player used it to select objects, then the objects got destroyed, it would break the table that the objects get stored onto.

The other addon I looked at was the Black Magic addon.

Anyway… the Telekinesis addon I came up with, was more a less just a fix for the telekinesis addon I studied. I made it so that if an object was destroyed or removed/undo’ed, then the table that the props get stored in, gets re-initialized. This makes it so that the addon does not get broken permanently requiring a server restart. All that the player has to do, is re-select the prop.

Also added to the telekinesis power, is a gravity well esq entity creation power. I was bored, pressing [R]eload will create a pulsating blob of gravity which pulls things towards it. (client convar’s allow you to modify the range and force)

Hover/Levitaton powers are included for all props selected. To do this, use the E (Use) button.
This effect is more a less along the same lines as the black magic addon, in that it allows you to lift objects of the ground where ever you look in a more gentle method, which is less hostile. (its not a fling or telekinetic thrust, more like a gentle lift)

Prue’s telekinesis
It wouldnt be Prue’s telekinesis without the Prue telekinesis sound effect (included).
So every ‘fling’ or telekinetic fling that you do, will create the sound effect that is reminiscent of Prue from Charmed.

So ends the Description of Prues Telekinesis power.

Pipers Freezing power -
I just made this yesterday. It has 2 different effects.

  1. Left Mouse button - Freeze Objects
  2. Right Mouse Button - Unfreeze

Because a perma freeze could be minge-tastic, I made it so that each object frozen will only be frozen for a maximum of 10 seconds. They can however be refrozen.

At the minute this power only freezes physics props. It does so very efficiently, and easilly.
It gets each of the objects in the view cone of the player, up to the distance of the crossairs hit position.

Then, it captures the current velocities of the objects in question, stores them on the objects, then freezes all the objects.

When the time comes to ‘unfreeze’ the object, either by timer, or by right mouse button, it then restores the velocities of the props, so they appear to resume their previous actions.

Some slight bugs:
Stargate Addon: Drones
These do freeze, but for some reason, their velocities are not restored perfectly. When time resumes for them, they appear to move towards their destination, but at a slower rate.

Next Additions to Add:
Freeze Fletchets,
Test it against Stargate Weaponry (Ronan Dex’s Gun, Staff Blasts etc)
Freeze Power alternative mode - Explosion / Blow up power.

So, thats

Prue and Pipers powers almost done.

I am thinking bout what I could do for Premonition powers
Im thinking that a Premonition power could allow some sort of ghosting or allow the user to view other players vision or something. Levitation would be easy to do, just apply a force against the player lifting them gently into the air.

I’ve already got myself a Jumper power that I made a while back - It was originally made by Grea$eMonkey, his version had invisibility and flight.
My additions to the Jumper swep added a Distortion effect for the cloaking, as well as adding no-Clip opposed to flight, the right mouse button I also added a teleport power which teleports the user to the crossairs position.
Anyhow… Teleport powers are easy, so translating my Jumper teleport power, to a Charmed Orbing power, would probably involve.

  1. Use power
  2. Initiate a 3 Second Timer
  3. During 3 Seconds flood players location with blue sparkly particles
  4. Play the orbing sound effect.
  5. After the 3 second timer, teleport to the location that was selected at the time of the Use Power.

Telekinetic Orbing:
Same way as the telekinesis power
Left mouse button: Select props
Right Mouse Button: Orb/teleport the props to the position in the crossair.

This addon pack is not fully complete, and I dont want to release it until finished, But I dont mind getting some input or suggestions.

If anyones got any ideas for visual effects, or wants to contribute, just let me know.

Wow, using these weapons sure is Charming!

Bout time someone replied.

Anyway, did some more experimentation and noticed some issues with drones and freezing.

It appears that the Drones exist in certain stages once they are launched from a drone launcher.

For the first instant that they are created, they do not have any motion. For about a quarter of a second, they are then accelerated in the direction that their target data tells them to go.

This explains the annomalies I was having.
Freezing the drones right after they are launched, means that the freeze is storing the velocities it had at that time, so when the drone is unfrozen, it resumes at its slow speed, because it was frozen during the acceleration phase. The only way for the Drones to accelerate, is for them to track a target again, because tracking a target, continuously causes the drones to accelerate towards their target.

Strangely enough, a drone that is tracking a target, cannot be frozen. It seems that every ‘think’ frame of the drone, is attempting to accelerate towards its target (in my experiments, I was the target). This acceleration seems to override the entity:IsMoveable(false) method I am using on the drones or something.
Either way… if you are being tracked by drones… you cannot freeze them, they just unfreeze right away… meaning your likely to die.

The next SWEP power im gonna work on is the premonition one.
I dont want to make it into a legalized wall hacks or something. Im hoping I can make it into a sort of glimpse/see though the eyes of other players power. Which only shows like 5 seconds per use.

This method seems like it would be very useful. This is probably the way the crate maker addon works, when you get turned into a crate, you probably get this method used on you.

I hated Charmed.

Er… Ok.

Any particular reason why?

I have just got a Premonition sorta power done.
Im still having some problems with it.
For some reason, returning to your body via
Unspectate seems to get rid of the hud display, meaning health information gets lost.
Also seems to lock the Remote Viewers camera angle at whatever angle the Spectator cam was at, at the time of returning to your own body.

But in any case, I think its a neat effect. I had to trawl through youtube videos to find a clear sound effect for Phoebe’s premonition power. Lol

Currently, the Premonition power will randomly choose a npc or player on the server/map, and select them for your remote viewing pleasure.

Each use of the power lasts 8 seconds, which can be ended early via right mouse button.

That show was so gay, but good sweps anyway, had fun with these


Need to reset Calcview roll after spectating :stuck_out_tongue:

Think I have an easier method.

I can use KillSilent to quickly kill and respawn the player at their original location.

This fixes the spectator invisibility, and their hud, as well as fixing CalcView Roll.

Possible problem would be that the player looses their weapons, it should be possible to save weapons carried, and re-equip them on respawn.

What did you use to make them invis…and I believe the hud can be reset somehow :expressionless:

I didnt intentionally make the player (who uses the premonition) invisible, it seems to be a side effect of setting him to spectator mode, the specific mode type of spectator, is the eye view. Allows you to see text, tooltips, and what weapon the target is currently using or viewing.

Where can i dowload it?

Theyre not finished yet,
Im working on Orbing, Fireballing and Energy Balling, Pipers Explosive Power etc.

Ahh, i’m really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Did you just say fireball?
Oh yeah!

At least you are keeping us in loop.

Fireball and Energy Ball ones are slightly more complicated.
They require me to make scripted entities for a fireball and energy ball, then script them to explode on impact etc.

Not too hard then. In fact, fairly basic stuff really.

Fairly basic = yes,
But I have alot of real life issues at the minute preventing me from getting round to doing it.

Im moving out tomorrow for instance, and then persuing an industrial tribunal against my former employer etc,

All in all, I have very little time to do anything game related.