Sort of inspired by the Highway of Death.
Since I now have 3 Threads on the front page I’ll stop posting for awhile and try to make something better than this.

What you should do is post in the thread meant for screenshots that don’t really need a separate thread., from which you can get critique on how to improve.

But he wanted to make a thread!

I’ll do that next time thanks.

there is literally like nothing going on.

Can we stop shoving “below average” posts here? To be honest, last time I checked, not a whole lot of critique always happens there(Unless it shows some kind of promise). It just kind of comes off as “Thanks for cluttering forum and making me think this picture was worth the new tab”/rant - That doesn’t really matter I guess, but the thread name is what it’s for, not what it keeps being suggested as.

I realize he made three threads at once for separate screenshots and that’s partly the reason why Viper123_SWE sent him there, but I have to agree with this.
It’s not the first time this sort of stuff happens (hell, it has happened to me before) and it borders on elitism. It’s the same sort of stuff you could see in the other GMod site of the old days, PHW, which had segregated sections for mod-approved content, “general” quality content and “low” quality content. It ends up being arrogant, unwelcoming to new people and actively prevents people from actually getting feedback and improving.

It’s called the "“Want To Post A Picture But Don’t Want To Make A Thread” thread. He’s allowed to post his screenshots wherever he wants. In fact, I’d even add that screenshots like the one in this thread really need threads more than the guys who can produce amazing screenshots in their sleep, since they’re in the most need of improvement and feedback.

I agree with what you guys are saying, because I’ve posted things in the WtPaPbDWtMaT thread and specifically prompted for criticism or advice and never got a mention at all.

When you make a separate thread, you end up with not just more views of your content, but you’re almost guaranteed to get replies about what is right/wrong with it because it’s what the thread was about, and it’s isolated so people are more likely to reply since it wouldn’t be derailment for any logical reason.

It’s just how it is; single threads get more feedback instead of the megathread. Even if it is negative.

it’s a nice looking scene tbh.