Chase - AcedServers

This new game mode is going to be awesome :smiley:

Cant wait for it!

Any pictures/video?

Not yet, Still working on it Expect pics/vids by weds

This will be an interesting gamemode.
Can’t wait to play it.

Makes me horny

Nice gamemode!

Can’t wait for this!

UPDATE: Will be finished THIS WEEK, Day unknown though

For instant updates goto

Website is finished, a couple more days until gamemode release

Ok. Bad news/good news

Gamemode will be finished in 1 or 2 weeks an if not. It won’t be finished

Will update ASAP

Ok “Update”

Gamemode will be finished in 2 weeks or less. Should be great!
Remember to join for instant-notifications on release!

Gamemode is finished!!! Setting up a server

Expect it to be all finished in a day or two.