Chase in the Sewers - Rebels running from metrocops, two pics

Too bad I forgot to add shells. Also, my first try at a shotgun muzzleflash, so it’s not very good.

The metrocop pic ruined it. The first one is awesome, top notch edit. Second has horrible posing with decent edit. But dayum those reflections on the water in the second one look good.

No finger posing on the metros?

Yeah, the first pic add me aweing and the second pic almost made me close the window.

I actually preferred the second pic mainly because those lights don’t work for me.

Holy Freedom Fries Batman!

First one’s pretty neat. Captures the feeling.

I, sir, Applaud you.


I don’t really like the second picture. First picture is awesome though.

The second picture sucks ass.

I really like the first one, though her running seems a bit stiff.

There are some faults with the first picture though. The pose of the woman seems a little off, the water splash is a bit too aggressive and sharp, the muzzleflash and smoke aren’t perfect and some of the rim-lighting doesn’t make sense.

Look closely. :mad: