Chase one guy - then kill his friends 1v4 :D

Sorry for bad quality in some moments, i think its coz gamma is changed or twitch fucked it up :\


music needs to go

I dont think this video was really meant to be all that serious, just funny… i dont really think there is a problem with the music lol.

Yea, the music IS awful. Other than that I might have liked it. But, the music was basically whispering “Go fuck yourself” in my ear the entire time so it turned me off.

Well, ofcourse you’ll kill them 1v4, you have your gamma increased while they cant see shit, they dont even know where the fuck you are to even hit you

Well,thats not my problem,they were noobs anyway lol.

u really think u owned them? ur a fucking pussy turning gama up…

so turning up gamma is professional gaming?

no, no.

Im saying they are noobs because they told admin im speedhacking,and next day when i bashed some other guys with rock(day time ) they told admin im hacking and these guys was spamming im hacker too and i got banned from server, thats why i called them noobs.

And many players use higher gamma so just stop qq lol.

so let me ask you again, turning up gamma is professional gaming?

I’d say if you dont want to stop pvping, at night, and take pvp seriously, it is a decision based on wanting to continue pvping at night time.

The game adds more challenge with the gamma down, except you end up being target to those with it up so may as well have it up?

And I only counted 3 kills, one seemed to of run off.

i dont know if its proffesional,but i just got killed too many times because of it so i am using it too.

and yeah by title"kill his friends 1v4" i wanted to say i was fighting 1v4 but killed 3, should add that this last one run away, my bad c;

Jeez, you’re a persistant one you are, you chased that noobie for ages dude. Lame.

Why lame lol:o

I got chased around the map for about 40mins by some kid, was freakin annoying, and the memory of that incident came back to me when I watched your vid, the reward for chasing a noob around the map is what exactly?

Unlock “Professional Gamma” achievement

If someone is annoying just kill him or die,whats the problem?

1 - I was in a densely populated server, and had finally found a resource rich area
2 - His clan surrounded me and forced me to drop my rock(go figure)
3 - Was still new to the game and didnt know about the F1 - suicide option
4 - Didnt know at that stage if I’d respawn with a new rock and bandage etc, so wanted to stay in the general area so I could try and sneak back to retrieve my rock

So basically you call me lame coz u didnt know shit about this game, good to know.

w/e end this offtopic

Was!! Thats past tense for you dork. We were all newbies at some point, even you. Never the less, my ability or the lack thereof, has no bearing on how you play the game, and thats why I called your vid lame, cause your actions in the game were lame.