Chat: Antihack spam when opening doors

Good morning peeps. Does anyone know why today I have started to get Antihack messages on the chat screen when opening and closing doors occasionally on my base ? See image of spam.

If I remember right, the antihack message appears when the server is preventing you from doing an action because it thinks you are being naughty. It can happen when you are lagging or if the server freezes for a few seconds when you are trying to do something.

Makes sense for it to appear when lagging because I think the main point of the checks being put in were to stop people from lag switching to do loads of stuff they shouldn’t have been able to. Not sure why they keep the chat message in for it though.

also, i think it triggers when a door would push you into an object; a few threads early on were complaining of chat spam when they got stuck between objects like door/wall or door/chest.