Chat Bubble - Shows who is typing!

NOTICE: I have stopped working on this for now.

Description: Rotating Chat Bubble above the head of the player who is typing!

Version: 1.1 & 1.2 & 1.3 & 2.0

Latest Update: 2.0 - Adds a toggle to turn it off or on!


Basic - With Physics

Basic + Flashing Effect - With Physics

No-Physics + Flashing Effect

*** No-Physics + Flashing Effect + Toggle On/Off ***


**Other:**If I am not too busy I want to try to make the text the player types appear above the player too.


Yay that’s pretty nice

If GMOD.ORG would stop failing.

I’m wondering what is the problem with, can’t stand online even for a half an hour.

its being ddosed by avaster

Isn’t this kinda late…? :byodood:

How is it late? No one actually released it before. So I modified it and released it.

UPDATE: I recommend downloading v1.1

Sorry for the screw up.

So… where is the download link?

GMOD.ORG is down.

Let me get an Alt. Download

Releasing 1.2 soon on when ever it gets up.

1.2 should stop people from welding things(Not Tested) to it and stuff and give it a cool glowing effect.

This version isn’t necessary so you can use either 1.1 or 1.2

I guess I can’t use because I was suspended (no reason)

Does it bob up and down too?

I Already made one of these, Ages Ago… and its a smaller code.

[lua]if CLIENT then
ErrorNoHalt(“Adding Chatclicker Hooks…”)
hook.Add(“StartChat”, “chatclicker.start”, function() RunConsoleCommand(“chatclicker.start”) end)
hook.Add(“FinishChat”, “chatclicker.end”, function() RunConsoleCommand(“chatclicker.end”) end)

if not SERVER then return end

concommand.Add(“chatclicker.start”, function(ply, cmd, n)
if not ply:IsValid() then return end
if ply.chatprop != nil and ply.chatprop:IsValid() then ply.chatprop:Remove() end
ply.chatprop = ents.Create(“prop_physics”)
ply.chatprop:SetPos(ply:LocalToWorld(Vector(0, 0, 100)))
concommand.Add(“chatclicker.end”, function(ply, cmd, n)
if not ply:IsValid() then return end
if ply.chatprop:IsValid() then ply.chatprop:Remove() end

And? Mine is better. :smiley:

and No it doesn’t bob up and down…but I can mess with the settings and see if I can.

Doesnt GMod tower have something similar to this?

I’ve been beaten! D;

Ironically enough, the only reason I downloaded Chatclicker was to use it as a base to make EXACTLY what you posted with a different concommand and different hooks for my chatbox.

The day after i made my own :argh:

Yay! something that’s been around since before Gmod Tower! amazing work.

Ive seen the same thing about a 2 years ago in a server.

Yeah…2 years ago.