Chat Buggé

**Hello !!
I have a pretty big problem with my chat, as you see in my title, about my chat. 2 or 3 weeks after buying the game, my chat stop working. When i press “t” to open chat, it open, then i type my message but I have no way to valid this message … This is really boring actually… More of that, it happens on evry server. So I tried evrything, like evrything at all !! I tried :

-Bind other keys
-Verify local content through Steam (evrything were validated so nothings changed)
-Uninstall then Install the game but no changes neither …

I even tried to post a threat on an others forum, but I still don’t have any answer …
I really hope you can help me …
*Ps : Sorry if my english is bad, I’m french
Sincerely yours