Chat Colors ?

Hi guys, Dose anyone have a plugin for chat colors. I have been trying to do this for ever! and please have it in a menu so you xcan do something like !vip and it would come up and than you can choose what color PLS DO THIS!?!?

I’m confused. Are you asking people to do it for you or find one that does it? Also dont write “pls” because you’ll immediately get written off as being 12

It was the caps and the “?!?!” that made think that, not the “pls” :v:

Actually that’s pretty simple to do hook on PlayerSay, check if player begin message with a color code (set them in a big table), and then use chat.Add if I remember the method name. You’ll need to warp the call to this method in a net.receive client side or use ply:sendlua. Also don’t forget to return true on player say to cancel player message spawns. This should work, however I’m not sure because I’m not using that (made my own chat system)…

Why would you even need to network it?


Becuase when I started to make RealisticRoleplay the wiki was saying this function was not working in all cases, so I remade the chat network system. But it’s good to know that GMod team is now making chat modding more easy…