chat command help

Ok, I feel a bit stupid but I’ve been away from lua for a bit.

Basically, I want to make it so if a player says stopmusic in the chatbox it stops playing music.

Basically all I need help with is how to detect the word in chat and which player did it.


[lua] if player.defaultmusic = 1 then local music = 1 else if player.defaultmusic = 2 then local music = 0[/lua]

Just showing how I’m going to be doing this, so if the player types stopmusic in the chatbox player.defaultmusic gets set to 2.

Any idea?. I put this in the newbie area because I feel like a noob right now :P.

function MyFuncName( pl, cmd, args )
//you code goes here
// pl is the person who said the naughty word!
// cmd is the naughty word in question!
// args is the insults that follow ( in a table cause there are so many! )
// And the 3 piggys lived happy ever after, The …
end // :3

hook.Add(“PlayerSay”, “Meisno’s Fantastic Solution!”, function( ply, text)
if ply:IsValid() then // you don’t want people aboosing rcon :stuck_out_tongue:
local sep = string.Explode( text, " ")
if sep[1] == “!StopMusic” then
local pl = ply
local cmd = sep[1]
table.remove( sep, 1)
local args = sep
MyFuncName( pl, cmd, args)


:open_mouth: ninja’d 6 hours ago?!?!?! i took that long to answer ?!?!

PlayerSay doesn’t recognize Console, does it?


Just to pitch a question here, is there a hook that returns everything that happens in chat or does PlayerSay do that? What I mean is like when using chat.AddText, players join/leave, messages from admin mods when slaying or kicking, etc.


Could that be everything BUT player messages in chat?