Chat Commands Basic Framework

I wanted to add some chat commands to my server, and it was a bit of an uphill struggle, having nothing to really go on. So I made a little customizable snippet to handle chat commands for me. This is a simplified version of the one I actively use, and it should be pretty easy to add your own commands to it. Just make a new array for the commands you want, and set up a function for it at the bottom. Pretty simple. I know this could be prettier, but I wanted something easy to add to, and easy for newbies to read and customize. The afk command is built for TTT servers, since that’s what I run mainly, you can either remove it or modify it to work with your gamemode. Same goes for the kill commands, I added a block for using the kill and explode commands in the console, feel free to remove that as well. Post here if you have any questions or need help with it. This will be the final release, since it’s not really something to be updated.
If you make any commands you think other users would like, post them here :smiley:

This goes in garrysmod/lua/autorun

is it possible you could make it easier to read? seems like it could he useful but i didnt want to read that huge paragraph.

Then don’t use it?

I know people can be to lazy to code something but reading half a dozen lines of a text for a free command framework isn’t going to take you a week.

It’s not much to read, and I’ve loaded up the code itself with comments on how it works. Shouldn’t be too much of a chore to figure out and use.